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single mother and student

april 330 started this conversation



   when i thought about having a child i always saw a family mother father baby but my life is not like that its not  the single woman doing it all its hard work i love my son more than anything i am in school because i want for him to have the best in life i have changed my whole life because of him and i know i need help i try to do it all on my own i dont ask for a handout were i live if you do go for welfare they treat you like your nothing i have worked from age 16 to age 29 i was in high school working a full time job but because of medical problem i could not work for my last 6 months and i could not go through tthe stress of the welfare system i provide for my son along i have went to child support for dna test about 6 times and nothing this man is out there doing nothing for my child he does not have a care in the world but i am the one that cries at night after i bathe and put my son to sleep beacuse i know my son should have more.

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